"Effective Internet Advertising Techniques"

Although the medium is new, some of the rules have
NOT changed. To effectively market your products or
services on the internet, you should seriously consider
the BIG 3...


The first and foremost thing to consider in advertising
is selecting the proper location for your ads. You must
concentrate your efforts on your target audience. Once
you have decided who you are trying to reach, find out
what types of publications they are most likely to read.

Instead of focusing solely on large sources with their
very high advertising rates, look into smaller
publications like specialized online newsletters and
magazines. There are many very specialized
publications available pertaining to just about every
business, occupation, sport and hobby. The advertising
rates are substantially lower and even though the
circulations are not as large, the readers of the smaller
publications consist almost exclusively of your target

Here’s an example...

I ran the same exact ad for a business opportunity in
two online newsletters, or ezines. The ad ran for one
issue in each publication. The first one had a
subscription base of over 250,000. The other had
roughly 8,000. The results are below.

Newsletter one: 151 inquiries. 2 sales. Newsletter
two: 49 inquiries. 7 sales.

Why were the results so different? Easy. The first
newsletter went to a large number of people.
Obviously, not many were interested in business
opportunities. Of the 151 that were, many were just
curious and not serious enough to spend money. The
second newsletter, however, had a subscription base
made up solely of people interested in business
opportunities. Therefore, a good percentage of
inquiries turned into actual sales. This is an extremely
important example of why you need to reach your target

Once you've found your target audience, it's time to sit
down and concentrate on your ad copy. Here are a few
tips on developing good classified ad writing skills.

First of all, you should develop a wide variety of
classified ads. Since an important part of successful
advertising is trial and error, you need to run different
ads to find the ones that work best. Although this trial
and error is necessary, there are some good guidelines
to follow when writing classifieds. Here are some of

-Attract your reader with a catchy word or phrase right
up front.

-Study other classifieds. If you see them repeatedly it’s
because they work.

-Keep your classifieds brief and to the point, using
phrases, not complete sentences.

-Use simple words, not long ones. Don’t confuse the

-Tell the reader exactly what they are getting.

-Don’t try to sell the product in a classified. Simply try
to get interested people to respond.

-Use energetic punctuation, such as exclamation points
instead of periods.

The last important factor in classified advertising is the
"key". Keying an ad is a simple yet powerful way to
determine which ads and publications are working best
for you. An easy way to do this with email, is to ask
people to enter something in the subject box. When you
receive a response to an ad, you will know exactly
where the prospective customer saw it. This
information will be invaluable to you. This is the type
of information that you must focus on to hone your
marketing skills.

There you have it. The three most important factors in
advertising. Reaching your target audience, good ad
copy and ad key evaluation. They all hold an
importance place in traditional advertising, and they
have certainly carried their importance over to the
internet! Once you master these three skills you’ll be
on your way to bigger profits!

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