Four Ways to Super-Charge Your Advertising

What makes a great ad? The answer is almost too simple. A great ad is one that works. Your phone rings. Your web site gets hits. Buyers walk
through your store door.

On the other hand, bad advertising is one of the most disappointing experiences a small business can have. You spend your hard-earned ad
dollars with high hopes, only to get hit in the face with a complete lack of response. That hurts.

Here are three simple things to keep in mind to make your ads moneymakers:

1. Figure out what means the most to your best prospects. What do you offer that they'll value most? State that best bet benefit clearly and
prominently in your ad. If you've got lots of space or radio time, repeat your benefit at least three times.

2. Tell your prospect to buy. Ads that don't come right out and ask for the sale usually fall short. Tell your prospect to buy, why they should buy,
how they should buy, and when to buy. Take a look at pricey ads designed for big companies. They almost always tell you exactly who they think
needs their product or service, which store of web site you can buy it from, how to get to that location, what kind of cards or financing they take, and when the offer will begin and end.

3. Finally, pick your advertising media carefully. Don't advertise a specialty service for a particular industry in your daily newspaper unless your town is dominated by that particular industry. Instead, chose a trade publication that specifically targets that one industry.

Many people ask me how you know if a business should be advertised on the Internet. Advertising in email newsletters is probably the most powerful
and affordable advertising ever invented. It's not hard to reach one million readers a week for $100. All you have to do is buy low-cost ads with
several quality e-zines.

You'll know you have a business perfect for Internet advertising if your product or service can be sold to people all over North America and the
world, your business can be marketed to those who love to get information, and your prospects are the kind of folks who own a computer
or use one at work.

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